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Keep in mind before shipping to HAWAII!

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Ship Hawaii is dedicated to shipping vehicles, motorcycles, rv’s etc. However we do not ship personal goods. We are not allowed to move households, carry passengers, or pets.

Ship Hawaii only transports motorised vehicles.

We transport vehicles within the USA and the USA Islands such as Puerto Rico and Hawaii and even go all the way up to Alaska. We can transport up to 800 cubic feet.

Our estimates are custom made for each type of vehicle. We factor in time of year, route taken, vehicle condition (running or not) and even the drop off location. This is why our staff is able to give quotes over the phone and online in the upper right hand corner of this site.

The estimates are not given by a computer program that can be inaccurate. Every vehicle shipping quote is live.

You are dealing with professionals+ now and we are hear to help you get your vehicle as fast and safely as possible.